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Product name Mepiquat chloride
CAS NO. 24307-26-4
Certificate of registration: PD20085139

250g/L: PD20097191

Molecular formula C7H16ClN
Molecular weight 149.66
EINECS number 246-147-6
Related categories Plant Growth Regulator;pesticide;Heat-Resistant Polymer;PLANT GROWTH REGULATOR
Structural formula 噻螨酮 78587-05-0
Melting point 285°C
Storage conditions 0-6°C
Toxicity Acute oral LD50 was 1490 mg/kg in rats and 428 mg/kg in mice. Rat acute dermal LD50 was 7800mg/kg, acute rat inhaled LC50 was >3.2mg/L (7h). Irritating to skin and eyes. For the blue trout LC50> 250 mg/L, the trout LC50 is 750 mg/L. No obvious toxicity to bees and birds.
Chemical Properties The pure product is white crystal and odorless. Mp 285°C (decomposition), vapor pressure <1×10-5Pa) (20°C), solubility at 20°C: ethanol 16.2%, chloroform 1.1%, acetone, ether, cyclohexane, ethyl acetate, olive oil less than 0.1%, water >100%.
Uses Plant growth inhibitors inhibit plant cell and internode elongation.
High activity of cotton, wheat, tomato and grape.
It can control the growth of cotton, obviously inhibit the height of cotton plant and the length of the branch, and make the plant form close to the rebellion.
For high-growth cotton flowers, with mepigtlat-chloride0.75 g/100m2, the spraying of water 11.3 ~ 15kg was used to spray the water 11.3-15kg, with a duration of 25d, which generally increased by 10% to 20%.
Tomatoes and early flowering in front of the bed out 2 times with 100 mg/LMepigtlat - chloride spraying, with 6 kg / 100 m2 of liquids, can effectively control the lateral bud, increase in the volume early flowers, promote early fruit, reduce the fallen petal fruit drop, increase more than 20%.
Apple USES 25 ~ 150mg/L of liquid to spray the leaf surface, which can increase calcium ions and make the core smaller.
After spraying with 25 ~ 100mg/L, the citrus fruit can precocious fruit and increase the flesh.
Used for ornamental plants to inhibit the growth of the plant, make the plant firm, anti - lodging and improve color.
As Plant Growth Regulator, it can promote Plant development, bloom early, prevent shedding and increase production.
The new Plant Growth Regulator is a new Plant Growth Regulator which can be used for a variety of crops.
It is widely used in cotton, which can effectively prevent the growth of cotton, control plant type compactness, reduce the falling bell, promote the maturity and increase cotton production.
In addition, the use of a strong element for winter wheat can prevent lodging;
It is used for apple to increase calcium absorption and reduce the depression.
Used in citrus to increase sugar level;
It is one of the most noticeable products in Plant Growth Regulator developed in the 1970s.
Toxicity classification Low toxicity
Acute toxicity Oral - Rat LD50: 464 mg/kg; Oral - Mouse LD50: 780 mg/kg
Flammability hazard characteristics Combustion produces toxic nitrogen oxides and chloride gases
Storage and transportation characteristics Warehouse should be ventilation and low temperature drying; Separated storage and transportation from food materials
Extinguishing agent Dry powder, foam, sand
Dangerous goods sign Xn
Hazard category code 22-52/53
Safety instructions 61
RTECS number TN4939200
Poison material data 24307-26-4(Hazardous Substances Data)

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