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Product name




Certificate of registration PD20101497
Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Molecular Structure

噻螨酮 78587-05-0



Melting point


Water soluble


toxicity Rats and mice had acute oral LD 50 >5000 mg/kg, acute percutaneous LD 50 >5000 mg/kg, and rats had acute inhalation LC 50 >2 mg/L (4 h). No irritation to rabbit skin, slight irritation to eyes. The 2-year feeding experiment in rats had no effect dose of 23.1 mg/kg. No teratogenic, carcinogenic or mutagenic phenomena were found in animal experiments. Carp LC503.7mg/L (48h), acute oral LD 50 > 5000mg/kg, bee LD 50 > 0.2mg/.
Chemical Properties


Pure product is white crystal, odorless.mp108~108.5°C, vapor pressure 3.4×10-6Pa (20°C). The solubility at 20°C was 160 g/L of acetone, 20.6 g/L of methanol, 28.6 g/L of acetonitrile, 362 g/L of xylene, 3.9 g/L of n-hexane, and 0.5 mg/L of water. It was stable at 50°C for 3 months and hydrolyzed in acid-alkaline medium with a half-life of 7 × 10 4 h (pH = 5 ~ 7), 1.2 × 10 4 h (pH = 9) and a half-life of 8 d in soil. Thermally stable.

Uses Thiazolidinone acaricide. This product has a broad spectrum, a variety of leafhoppers if the young quail and eggs have a good effect, but the effect of poor pupa, female insects treated with insecticide adults, their eggs can not hatch. It is mainly based on contact and has good permeability to plant tissues without systemic absorption. The efficacy rate is slow, but the residual period can be up to 1 month or more. Safe for crops, feeding crickets and beneficial insects. Such as the control of apple spider mite, in the young if the sputum, with an average of 3 to 4 mites per leaf, with 5% EC or 5% wettable powder 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid spray. Stop using it 7 days before harvest.
The product is a new thiazolidinone acaricide. Broad insecticidal spectrum, high killing activity against leafhoppers and claws, low concentration, good effect, and good residual effect, no cross-resistance with organophosphorus, dicofol, etc., and safety against crops. The beneficial insects that feed predators are safe, but they have no systemic absorption and have poor effects on adults.
Uses Wide insecticidal spectrum, high killing activity for ridiculing and talons
Dangerous goods sign N
Hazard category code 50/53
safety instructions 60-61
Dangerous goods transport code number UN 3077
RTECS number XJ5396000
Poison material data 78587-05-0(Hazardous Substances Data)
Poisoning symptoms Slight irritation to the skin, no reports of human poisoning.
First aid treatment In case of accidental service, he is sent to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.
Precautions [1] This product has no effect on adult nymphs. It is better to control the larvae of larvae or use them earlier than other acaricides. [2] There is no systemic absorption, and the spraying should be uniform [3] Citrus rust is invalid, in the use of the drug to control spider mites should pay attention to the occurrence of rust damage [4] long residual period. [5] should not be mixed with pyrethroids, diazinon, and thiophos-methyl


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