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Product name Thifensulfuron methyl
CAS NO. 79277-27-3
Certificate of registration PD20131205
Molecular formula C12H13N5O6S2
Molecular weight 387.39
Related categories Herbicide;Urea Herbicide;Pesticide;H;HA -HTPesticides&Metabolites;H-MAlphabetic;Alpha sort;Herbicides;Pesticides&Metabolites;Q-ZAlphabetic;TF - TOPesticides&Metabolites;Urea structure
Molecular Structure
Melting point 176°C
Storage conditions 0-6°C
Merck 13,9387
Toxicity Acute oral LD50 in rats> 5000 mg/kg, acute dermal LD50> 2000 mg/kg in rabbits. Slightly irritating to eyes. No dose of 25 mg/kg was used in the 2-year feeding test in rats. No dose of 2500 mg/kg was propagated in the second generation. No teratogenic and mutagenic effects were observed under the test conditions. Rainbow trout and sunfish LC50 >100mg/L (96h). Wild duck LD50 >2510 mg/kg. The bee LD50 was >12.5 μg/body.
Chemical Properties


Pure product is white crystal. Mp 186°C, relative Density 1.49, vapor pressure 3.6×10-4 Pa (25°C).Solubility in organic solvents: dichloromethane 27.5 g/L, acetone 11.9 g/L, acetonitrile 7.3 g/L, ethyl acetate 2.6 g/L, methanol 2.6 g/L, ethanol 0.9 g/L, xylene 0.2 g/L, hexane <0.1 g/L; solubility in water: 24 mg/L at pH 4, pH 260 mg/L at pH 5, and pH 2 at pH 2,400 mg/L. The partition coefficient is 3.3 (pH=5), 0.027 (pH=7). <55°C stable, stable to light. The half-life of the hydrolysis reaction at 45°C was 4.7 h (pH=3), 38 h (pH=5), 250 h (pH=7), 11 h (pH=9), and the half-life in soil was 1 to 4 d.

Uses is a systemic conductive post-emergence selective Herbicide and inhibitor of branched chain amino acids that inhibits the biosynthesis of valine, leucine and isoleucine, blocks cell division, and stops the growth of sensitive crops. Mainly used to control broad-leaved weeds of cereal crops wheat, barley, oats, and corn fields, such as amaranth, purslane, wormwood, leeks, pigweed, pigweed, Veronica, cattle Etc., etc., are not effective for stabbing vegetables, field bindweed and valerian. From the leaf stage of wheat and barley to pre-cropping stage, the weeds are released until the 2 to 4 leaf stage, with 75% dry suspension 0.25-0.41g/100m2, 4.5kg water, and 0.2% non-ionic surfactant added. , stem and leaf spray treatment.
Toxicity Low toxicity
Acute toxicity Oral - Rat LD50: > 5000 mg/kg
Flammability hazard characteristics The combustion produces toxic nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide gases
Storage and transportation characteristics Warehouse should be ventilation and low temperature drying; Separated storage and transportation from food materials
Extinguishing agent Dry powder, foam, sand
Dangerous goods sign N
Hazard category code 50/53
Safety instructions 60-61
Dangerous goods transport code number UN3077 9/PG 3
RTECS number XM8463000
Poison material data 79277-27-3(Hazardous Substances Data)
Poisoning symptoms Irritating to the eyes and skin, generally does not cause systemic poisoning.
First aid treatment No antidote, symptomatic treatment.
Precautions [1] The dosage should not exceed 32.5 ga.i/ha. [2] When the crop is in a bad environment (such as drought, severe cold, soil moisture, and insect pests, etc.), it should not be applied. [3]Remaining liquid and water for scrubbing applicators, do not pour into the field

75% wGD, 15% wp, 25% wp

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