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Product name


CAS NO. 126535-15-7
Preparations 50%WP, 50%WDG
Molecular formula C17H19F3N6O6S
Molecular weight 492.43
Physical Properties

Flash point: 150°C

Storage conditions: 0-6°C

Chemical Properties This product is mp160~163°C,dissociation constant pKa4.4.Solubility in water at 25°C: 1mg/L (pH=3), 3mg/L (pH=5), 110mg/L (pH=7), 11000mg/ L (pH=9). The partition coefficient is 9.2. At 25°C, the half-life in water is 3.7d (pH=5), 32d (pH=7), and 36d (pH=9). It is rapidly degraded in the soil. Under alkaline conditions, it is mainly microbial degradation; under neutral and acidic conditions, it is mainly chemical hydrolysis. Under laboratory conditions, the half-life in soil is 3 to 6 days.
Storage method Sealed, guaranteed at 0-6 oC
Precautions Scope of application for special Beet Herbicide. 1. It is strictly prohibited to use it on other crops. 2. It is forbidden to use excessive amounts to avoid drifting pollution of other crops. 3. If someone is wrongly taken, he will be sent to the hospital immediately because of a lot of water.

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